Creative-Ceramics: all the elegance of ceramics directly to your doorstep

Proudly 100% Made in Italy, design trends, exclusive creations and purchases easy and safe: these are the values that characterize Creative-Ceramics, a new e-commerce site which brings directly to your house all the elegance of ceramics.
Indeed, it is increasingly difficult to find items in ceramics produced entirely in Italy. We believe it is right to continue to invest in quality production, continuing the culture of artistic workmanship and Italian craftsmanship.
In our factory in the province of Vicenza our skilled artisans decorate the light with love and passion. Here styles and shapes take life to offer a production that ranges from classical to rustic to contemporary. Our ceramics are produced and decorated exclusively on order by our skilled craftsmen: that's is why all models are available and, on request, can be made special shapes and sizes, prior estimate.
But we ask you a little 'patience: the production takes about 3 working weeks from order.
We have chosen this path to keep the uniqueness that only a handmade production can give, the uniqueness that can be touched by hand and lived in each of our articles, each of which can tell a story. On our site you can find various types of products: Hanging Lamp, Wall lamps, Ceiling, Table Lamps and Furniture for the Bathroom. For each product, you can choose the style that best represents you or choose different products that make up our series.

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